Asalamu Alaikum and welcome to the MY RAMADAN MOON IN THE ROOM™ family!

Thank you for stopping by to visit. We are a mother/daughter team who gained inspiration to create MY RAMADAN MOON IN THE ROOM™ in 2020 when the world around us was filled with worry, sadness, and great uncertainty. "[He] brings them out from darkness into light" (Quran 5:16), and so began our journey to create and share the story of our beloved MOON IN THE ROOM™.

Linda: When my children were young, every year I found myself searching for ways to make Ramadan fun and engaging for them while holding true to the core traditions. My goal of providing a month filled with enjoyable and meaningful activities was much easier in theory than in practice. Some of my ideas were successful while others fell short. What a great time it would have been to write this book, but, alas, this story was waiting for my daughter to grow up so we could dream it and write it together.

Nadia: Two years ago, about a month before Ramadan, the world shut down. As days turned to weeks, it was clear quarantine would continue through Ramadan and beyond. To cope, with my mom's help, I started a YouTube channel that immersed us both into the world of Islamic children's books and ultimately led us to writing our own. To stay connected with our extended family, we created Ramadan Books in Nadia's Nook so that every night of Ramadan, I could read my young cousins a bedtime story. We never imagined this would reach beyond our family and were amazed to see that people all over the globe were tuning in each night.

Linda: After Ramadan, we did not have a plan to write a children's book…it just happened. It began with a concept which became toying with some phrases which evolved into notes on paper, and six days after Ramadan, Nadia had created the first official draft. Alhamdulillah, here we are two years later sharing it with the world! Perhaps the driving force behind our effort is how we both wish we had something like this years ago when she and her brother were younger.

Nadia:Despite co-authoring the book and heading off to college in a year, I fully intend to search for my very own Ramadan Moon every morning this coming Ramadan! The following year, My Ramadan Moon™ is coming to the university with me!

Writing this book, creating our beloved moon, and everything in between and beyond has been an incredible learning experience and a journey that has strengthened our bond and deepened our faith. Insha'Allah, may your children feel all the love and devotion that has been poured into developing this story and our treasured little moon friend.

Linda & Nadia